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Welcome to ECOTHAI Construction Group

Project Management & Leadership

The sucess of a project relies heavily upon the skills and leadership of the management.

All senior Ecothai management personnel can rightly claim to be at the highest end of the industry in terms of experience and professionalism.

The strength of the mangement and their reputation are the LEADING factor in the growth and sucess of the Company.

Skilled Workforce

The company can draw upon a large number of experienced and hard-working craft personnel in the South East Asia region. During periods of refinery shutdowns our peak labour force has exceeded 1,000 personnel.

HSSE Statistics

Deployed in the most challenging construction environments, our proud safety record remains unblemished.

The company has ZERO Lost Time Incidents against a performance of more than 7 MILLION worked hours.

Careful selection of skilled and experienced workforce and a strong Project Management Team support a strict Safety First Policy.

Value for Money

We understand our Clients needs.

  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Schedule
  • Value For Money

Ecothai can offer a powerful, professional, safe and timely project completion and with a budget that our competition cannot beat.

Plant and Equipment

Ecothai Group owns an extensive range of mobile and static plant to support construction projects.

Crane, excavator, heavy transport, dozer, power generation and welding plant are company-owned and ready to respond to our clients needs.